About Us

The WildBay Shop is an earth conscious, unisex, eco-friendly lifestyle brand. Championing sustainable big chill vibes and practical designs.

Here at The WildBay Shop we are all for embracing mindful pauses on the daily and accepting it’s perfectly wonderful to sit back/ lie back and enjoy the present moment and the WildBay collection encapsulates just that.

Founded by Daniel McKee, a meditation coach and retreat facilitator from the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland. The WildBay brand promotes a mindful way of living. One that wholeheartedly embraces life to the fullest with passion, integrity and a whole lotta chill. Representing authentic, conscious living.

Wellness retreats are at the heart of the WildBay way where we hold restorative spaces that serve to embrace our authentic selves. Through wild encounters with nature, incorporating adventure, yoga and meditation, WildBay Retreats welcomes all who wish to embark on a journey of self-discovery in a safe, open and inclusive space.

From the evolution of WildBay Retreats, the WildBay shop grew from the same high vibe energy felt on retreat and the need to create accessible, sustainable clothing that will allow you to tap into a moment in time that is truly yours.

The WildBay collection unites sustainability and mindfulness to create a brand that represents that present moment chill that will lead us undoubtedly into a more abundant, relaxed and vibrant future.